Monday, December 17, 2007

Culinary Sellout?

I guess when you don't have a culinary reputation to start with it's hard to sell one out?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jesus is Packin!

Recently a crazy person shot up several people in Colorado with some unique sub-texts. While that event itself not very unique, if there is anything the earth is not short of its people shooting other people. What is a little unique about this shooting is that the gunman apparently targeted good Samaritan's and church worshipers. Well perhaps the targeting of religious worshipers isn't really that unique in this modern age of global holy war. This is what I find the most interesting about this story. Now I know many of you that know me probably think that the next sentence is going to be something to the effect of... "Why didn't Jesus himself come down from the heavens and defend his worshipers personally with a gatling gun of justice?" But no that's not it either. What I find most interesting about this is that the conclusion of this crazy persons rampage came in the form of a bullet discharged from the weapon of an armed guard at the church. Really? I'm not even sure what question to ask or position to take. Now I haven't actually been to a church in many years, mostly due to a strong fear I have that the moment I step through its threshold my skin will instantly burst into flames. Regardless, is this common? are armed guards in church's a normal occurrence? It just seems to go against the fundamental morality and principles of religion. I mean I suppose it was good someone was there packin heat and had the stones to let the hammer down but still this just doesn't seem like the type of cowboy the good book would condone minding the fence. It could be just one of those "middle state" bizarre interpretations of the scripture that seem to support turning a blind eye to violence as long is it done for the "greater Christian good". However either way something just doesn't seem to sit right about it.

I'd love to see a church/gun pie chart with facts and figures regarding how many churches have armed guards. Perhaps a
boolean chart that has all that info overlaid with the major denominations too!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Office Max : Elf Yourself is for Ass Holes?


Our friends over at
Pardonmeduke sent over some holiday cheer with the Office Max Flash based Elf Yourself greeting.

Well I sent one back, I think "heart warming" are just some of the emotions conjured up by this fantastic holiday greeting.

Thanks Office Max! : Watch it here.

Rainbow 6 - Vegas II

I was very happy to hear that the Tom Clancy franchise was working on Rainbow 6 Vegas II. The original Rainbow 6 Vegas was my #1 pick for best game on the Xbox 360, now number 2 due to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, sorry Halo fans. Rainbow 6 Vegas I was really an amazing culmination of first person shooter wish-list achievements.

A few highlights:
- In story mode your computer based team actually performs like a team rather then a bunch of drunk tards out on treasure hunt.
- You can actually give commands to the team from remote locations.
- The story mode was quite a long game, more then I can say for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2. (I think Rainbow 6 Vegas may have been 3 times longer)
- The multiplayer actually had strategic playability in terms of level design.

Ok on to Vegas II. At the Spike TV Video Game Awards, VGA's, the trailer for Vegas II was released. Ok you have 2 options, either read this line.
- Hey they are making a Rainbow 6 Vegas II.
- Watch this video.

You will walk away with the exact same depth of information. Way to go on a cheap ass trailer Tom Clancy!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Army Invades my Entertainment

So the same day I posted an entry regarding the U.S. Army's ad placement logic on, they again invade my entertainment happiness. Later that night I went to go see The Golden Compass. It wasn't really that great. While I did enjoy the negative Christianity over/under tones, the film itself took so long to get off the ground. To make matters worse there are still 2 additional movies that will have to be released in this trilogy in order to complete the story. I think one of my biggest complaints SPOILER ALERT no major character dies. In classic epic story telling you kind of need an element like that. Nicole Kidman is quite magical looking but she has this really weird wavy line thing going on under her nose?

Ok I digress lets get to the U.S. Army part. We get to the theater about 5-10 mins before the movie starts and during the time where most theaters have stupid movie trivia games projected on the screen, this is what the audience of the 9:30 pm showing of The Golden Compass was treated to.

Thanks Propaganda Machine! Want to see the site for this grand piece of propaganda? - go here.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Super Army Deluxe

While enjoying the most recent episode, episode #5, of Tim and Eric Nite Live on something odd popped up. Prior to the video starting was a video ad for the U.S. Army,,, really? Is this a good focus group for you. Are you really that desperate? Next we are going to start seeing ads on As a side note Great Show Tim and Eric, and um good job U.S. Army?

E7 Gift Guide Special

(to save right click and save link as)

Special guest co-host, Mr. Jay


Opening Music : Money Ain't a Thing by Jay Z

Tonights Cocktail(s) : The High Life,
MiG-29 (6 oz water + Airborne tablet orange fizz flavor + vodka)

Microsoft Broke my Crack Pipe : 360 Update Hurts COD Multiplayer.
(not for long, was back up after the show!)

Michael Ian Black & Michael Showwalter Live : Review of their live show in Philly.

No Country For Old Men Review : Go See It!, I also fuck up who directed it :-(

Terminator Salvation : Christian Bale set to play the Terminator.

-- The Gift Guide for the Modern Man --

Help Yer Man Become a Boy :
1) Waring Pro Martini Maker (just kidding)
2) Head Phones - Sony Eggo MDR-D333F, MDR-D777SL, Etymotic Research ER6, Ultimate Ears 5 Pro
3) Hot Toys Action Figures, (Legend Toys & Hobbies, Alter Ego Comics)
4) Obey Posters, ISO 50 Prints, Subliminal Projects

Help Yer Man Become a Man:
1) Shaving Science at
2) Harold McGee - On Food and Cooking, Michael Ruhlman - The Elements of Cooking
3) 8" Chef's Knives - Kershaw, Global, Wustof, Henckels
4) Fashion Forward Accessories - Nau, Nike ID, Neighborhoodies, Nixon, Gus, Puma

Jennifer Love Hewitt : So what happened?

Closing Music : Get Money by The Notorious B.I.G.