Friday, August 15, 2008

Awe what a cute baby... no wait.

There seems to be this new trend in Philadelphia that is driving me out of my mind. Hip young couples seem to be taking their toddlers out to the bars on Friday. Im not sure if they think this is some fun new accessory or if they see are trying to prove to themselves and their friends that having a kid hasn't really changed their social lives at all. Either way, please stop.

Let me paint a picture for you young power parents, its Friday night, you have just finished a long work week and all you want is to sit down, sip a cold beer and bitch about yer co-workers with yer co-workers and let the night of drinks take you where it takes you. Wait what is that I hear in the background, a screaming kid. No a screaming gaggle of kids. Its a bar not Applebees. This is not really the right spot to take your screaming bundle of joy, and I have news for you. That flesh satchel the doctors cut from your girlfriends nether region has changed your social life, be responsible enough to realize that. Im not saying you can never go out again, but make arrangements, get a baby sitter, leave it in the car, do something, but stop bringing your kid to the bar! I swear the first parent that comes up to me at a bar on a Friday night and asks me to watch my language around their little kid im punching in the penis.

This is almost making me wish the city would lift the smoking ban! Well not that close but real close.


Scott said...

Not even just on the weekends, my last sighting was on wednesday night at Cantina. 10pm at least... I think we might have to pick some new drinking playgrounds

Scott said...

oh and i expect to see more at National Mechanics tonight :/

kyleroth said...

As a parent myself, I don't know about all of the flesh satchel vernacular, but I agree that children should not be at the bar at 10pm any night of the week. Besides ruining the night for others, I like to have a little adult fun. Get a sitter or grandma & grandpa to watch the kids for a night every now and then.

Our trick is to have a strict (early) bedtime for our 4 and 2 year olds. That way we can have our mommy and daddy time at home. Some scotch... some wine.

Scott & Josh said...

Please come to Philly and share yer parenting advice!