Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now I have seen everything

In the world of film in stage you will be hard pressed to find an actor more famous and more open about their homosexuality then Nathan Lane. I'm not exactly sure when he came out of the closet but this little piece of television history is just grand! In 1985 Nathan filmed episode 5 of season 2 of Miami Vice, it was titled "Buddies". I wont bore you with the specifics and to be honest hes only in about 5 minutes of the episode. But lets get to the grand part. He plays a stand-up comedian who also happens to be.. (dramatic pause) a rapist! And no I don't mean man on man Abercrombie & Fitch rapist, I mean the more vanilla man on woman flavor! Peep it here at hulu. I so hope this was after he came out of the closet.

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