Thursday, August 21, 2008

the iPhone - google calendar - PC - Sync Peace Treaty

Are you an pc user that owns an iphone who uses Google apps and services to help keep your life in order? If you are I bet your really frustrated in regards to how useless the ical is on the iphone because there seems to be no way to sync your Google calendar to it without owning a mac. I know I know, Google has come out with a Google app for the iphone that is supposed to make their world and the iphone a little more seamless. However the calendar interface via the iphone sux bigtime. Well thanks to the people at NuevaSync its now possible, and you don't even have to download anything! NuevaSync uses the iphones ms exchange server capabilities to ensure peace between these waring cyber-factions. The best part, as if everything I have said isn't the best part already, its a free service. So what are you waiting for, get to clickin!


Anonymous said...

...because I don't want to give some total stranger access to my Google id and password!!!! Duh!

Scott & Josh said...

I'll let ya know if my calendar falls into the hands of the rebel alliance.